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The Clipper Case – Human Venture Capital

human venture capital

who we are

Ulf Dalhgren
Ulf Dalhgren
Founder Serica AB
Sailor, salesman, director; Ulf is the visionary who helps others discover possibilities they never knew existed. His extensive experience as a manager in the software and consulting industries is reflected in a combination of innovation, energy, and expertise. A very charismatic and strong leader.
Fredrik Nillenstedt
Fredrik Nillenstedt
Founder Serica AB
Fredrik is the star-student turned savvy consultant. He is a positive and analytical visionary who always puts the team first. During his time at Drive Management Fredrik has created exceptional results for clients through his unique ability to rapidly and accurately analyse the root of a problem or opportunity, and come up with a concrete solutions. Fredrik is a consultant for Drive Management.
Tomas Ryde
Tomas Ryde
CEO Serica AB
Tomas is the handball coach who became business pro. An extremely result and action-oriented individual whose vast experience ranges from mental advisor at SOK to CEO at Serica Consulting. Tomas has, in all of his ares of expertise, created outstanding results. Tomas was also a founder of Serica AB
Bror Sjöholm
Bror Sjöholm
Partner Serica AB
Bror is the elite handball player who, through is experience in the software industry coupled with management skills gained as the head of World Police & Fire Games, became a highly sought after management consultant. Holding noteworthy achievements in the world of sports as well as business, Bror excels in the fields of team and leadership development.
Anna-Lena Strid
Anna-Lena Strid
CEO Drive Management
Anna-Lena is the engineer with four championship gold medals. As the current CEO of Drive Management she has worked with everything from process mapping to the latest in performance management. She has comprehensive knowledge from leading management consulting firms. Anna-Lena always executes consistently and logically with a clear strategic platform as a basis.
Are You Interested?
Are You Interested?
We have open positions
Do you think you have skills and experience to bring to our team? Are you a disciplined investor? We may have a position for you The Clipper Case. Click the envelope below to send us an application.

what we do


The Clipper Case will invest an initial sum of 0.5M SEK. If you require further financing down the line, we will reach out to our network to put you in contact with 3rd party funders.


Collectively we have worked for and run several successful organisations. Therefore we can quickly see in which direction projects should be developed, and provide specialised knowledge to execute.


We want our entrepreneurs to be able to focus on getting their product or service to market as soon as possible. Once over the initial hurdle, we will work together as a team to create continued growth.

how it works



  • We only process applications that come in through our online platform. Once you have filled din and sent your application it will be reviewed by one of our staff.
  • You will receive a notification once your application has been submitted and we take roughly three weeks to process your answers.


  • Applicants who show promise will be invited to hold a 30-minute pitch at our offices in Stockholm.
  • The focus of your presentation should be how you are going to create value. We are not interested in a thorough business plan at this stage, as we know that this will likely change


  • The next phase consists of one or several in-depth sessions with the aim of gaining further insight.
  • At this stage we will be asking more detailed questions about your business plan, budget, risks and so on. This is also a time for us to see what out team can contribute with and how we can work together to create value.


  • Pop the champagne and welcome to The Clipper Case!
  • Our philosophy has always been to invest in all facets of a company. We invest time, expertise and knowledge in ideas and people in which we truly believe. We look forward to the journey ahead, let’s change the future of HR together.

We are currently accepting applications

Our story

The Clipper Case was founded in 2015 and currently has three investments that we cherish dearly: Serica Consulting, Drive Management and Trustcruit. The people behind The Clipper Case are a well-rounded team of individuals who complement each other in both skills and working habits. Together we have worked with some of the biggest organisations throughout Scandinavia to achieve long-lasting measurable improvements. At The Clipper Case we aim for excellence in all of our endeavours and strive for the success of all our stakeholders.


  1. It sounds like I have to have a team, what if I am alone?

  2. It is not a problem, as long as you don't think you will need additional manpower in the near future.

  3. We haven't started a company yet but have an idea, can we still apply?

  4. Yes! You are eligible for application as long as you have a solid foundation for your idea and the appropriate team to execute it.

  5. We’re not really a start-up, we have been up and running for almost 2 years, are we still applicable?

  6. The short answer is yes. However, we might not be able to contribute as much to an already established organisation; but by all means, apply.

  7. Does the pitch, or any of our documentation have to be in english?

  8. Not at all. We are all native Swedish-speakers at The Clipper Case so we actually prefer Swedish. Of course English works too.

  1. How much do you invest exactly?

  2. It depends on many factors such as our evaluation of your business, how you intend on spending the funds, and requirements.

  3. We have several ideas, how do we proceed?

  4. You should apply all your valid and feasible ideas. Treat them as separate applications.

  5. We already have another investor, is that ok?

  6. It is not a problem for us.

  7. Our idea is not within HR, can we still apply?

  8. Sadly, no. We will not be able offer you appropriate guidance. However, you should know that our definition of HR is quite broad.

  9. We have already applied once, can we do it again?

  10. Of course!

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